As a member of the MRS (Market Research Society) and AQR (Association of Qualitative Research), Rockview Field Resource abides by the Code of Conduct of both these organisations. We aim to provide the highest quality fieldwork carried out to our own stringent quality standards.



  • One to one briefings by head office to all our recruiters
  • Database is maintained of all respondents who participate in projects recruited by Rockview Field Resource.
  • Respondent details provided day before/day of fieldwork (this includes respondent demographic, spec required etc)
  • All viewing groups are pre-checked by head office prior to fieldwork
  • Recruiter/supervisor is present at fieldwork event (day/evening)


  • Personal briefings by head office
  • 20% telephone back-checking of all sample completed/interviewed
  • Editing completed by head office
  • Sample/Quota controls monitored throughout fieldwork


Market Research Society (MRS)

With members in more than 70 countries, MRS is the world’s largest association serving all those with professional equity in provision or use of market, social and opinion research, and in business intelligence, market analysis, customer insight and consultancy.

Association for Qualitative Research (AQR)

Qualitative research provides often an unparalleled understanding of the motivations behind human behaviour, desires and needs. In the UK, the principal authority on the qualitative research industry is the Association for Qualitative Research (AQR).

AIMRO (Association of Irish Market Research Organisations)

AIMRO strives to make representations on behalf of the industry to relevant authorities, to advance and safeguard the interests of the industry and to procure and maintain high professional standards. AIMRO members are experts in uncovering insights using the best quality approach, ensuring you can trust the findings.

Market Reseach Society of Ireland

The Marketing Society’s vision is to support and promote marketing through thought leadership and a fresh exchange of ideas.
How we deliver this?
The Marketing Society considers itself to be one of Ireland’s most influential drivers of marketing in the Irish business community. We aim to help members become thought leaders and bolder marketing leaders.
The Marketing Society of Ireland is a central hub for our members, creating a culture for smart marketers to be better equipped and prepared to succeed in today’s business world.

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